Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall, UK

July 15, 2015


Today, I wanted to try something a little different by photographing Trebarwith Strand at low tide. This is something that I have never done before and not something you see other photographers doing much. There are lots of great shots from Trebarwith and I always find it cluttered with photographers at high tide because the rocks make for fantastic subject matter. I figured that it has got to be just as impressive at low tide as it does high and thought I could do with the fresh air anyway. 


The journey felt very rushed and as if I wasn't going to have much time to spear, but the clouds were wispy and wonderful and weren't going anywhere. I arrived and was shocked to see parking that cost £7! I was also surprised to see that the tide was still quite high and so was the sun. I was feeling uninspired because of that so I tried for something simple from the cliff.


The tide soon got lower and revealed a sandy beach area to the left. Once the sun had gone down, there was a severe lack of light. This meant that I kept getting underexposed photos as the sun disappeared below the horizon throughout my 60 second exposures. Fortunately, the risk of using a higher ISO paid off and I got a shot I was very happy with. Also, the beautiful pink, orange and red colours stayed in the sky right through until twilight. The pools of water and the rippled sand made for a great foreground and Gull Rock made for an interesting background. At Trebarwith, there is always a good couple of people and that remained true for this evening. There were many families enjoying the sunset and the majority of them even made sure to not be in front of my camera. To be fair, I was surprised that there was still so little people at such an amazing place on such a beautiful evening.



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