DC Breaks @ The Office, Truro

June 5, 2015

Tonight, I was able to photograph another "High Rollers" event at The Office, Truro. On this occasion, they had DC Breaks as the headline DJ. The guys from High Rollers are great DJs in their own right and did a great job warming up the crowd. They also do a great job at transforming the nightclub into a rave utopia. Below are some of my favourite photos from the night with a few tips for you to get the same photos. See more from the night on my facebook page.


The light trails that you see in some of the photos are the result of a long exposure. For this kind of event photography, I tend to use shutter speeds from half a second to a second to capture a bit of energy and excitement. I also use an on camera flash (Yongnuo) to freeze the action. Once you press the shutter button you need to wave your camera around to create the light trails. With a bit of practise and creativity, you can get some really cool results. The reason why I turn some of my photos black and white is that, sometimes, the light just isn't that nice and you don't always get nice colours.


Focussing in low light situations can be tough. When I have the chance, I like to use a Canon speedlight instead of my Yongnuo one because it helps the autofocus. I've actually got pretty good at manually focussing but I use an aperture of about f11 to give me some leeway with the depth of field. If I were to recommend a lens, it would be anything wide because I like the extreme angle of view. The lens I use is a Tokina 11-16mm because it's cheap and surprisingly good.



In the photo below, I used a shorter shutter speed because the light in the background would've blown out and overexposed the scene. This is usually a problem when smoke machines are being used because the smoke gets lit by the light. It's a simpler photo but I like the contrast of warm and cold colours. 



Adding contrast to a photo gives it punch. I also raise the whites until I feel it doesn't look underexposed. I like to try out different shutter speeds to see what works best, and to get a variety of shots. The shutter speed used in the photo below was probably about a quarter of a second and the photo above was probably about a tenth of a second.



The photo below was a happy accident. For some random reason my flash fired at the end of the exposure as well as the start. This means that it was able to freeze two moments. 



It was cool of Express to MC in the crowd. I knew I had to get a photo so I spent ages trying to get a composition with the lasers in the background. 



I really like the angle in the photo below. I think it gives a perspective that a lot of people would like to see. I also think it has a good energy because of the colours and the shutter speed. 



The photo below has a similar perspective but I used a longer exposure and captured more light trails. 



It's awesome when the DJ poses for you because it's makes for a more interesting photo (most of the time).




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