Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, UK

April 30, 2015

After a few days of research, brainstorming and planning, I finally set out on a longer journey than normal. I've wanted to mix things up a bit and have wanted to explore more new places - today was the day!


With the words "Widemouth Bay" typed in my satnav, I was taken in the direction of Bude. On route, I saw a signpost that read "Crackington Haven". I recognised the name and planned to stop off on the return journey (but ill get to that later on in the post).


I arrived at Widemouth Bay and easily could've watched the sunset from the car seeing as the car park is practically on the beach with a panoramic view. I arrived an hour and a half early but spent most of that time walking back and forth, from one side of the beach to the other. On top of that, I had to avoid rock pools and try not to slip on seaweed (bearing in mind that I was searching for a specific kind of shot that was surprisingly difficult to get in the rocky areas of the otherwise lovely beach).


I really like how the lines in the rocks (which is primarily the reason why I wanted to visit this beach) stretch right through the photo. The sunset wasn't the most amazing, but I did get lots of interesting textures in the sky. Much like in yesterday's photo, this one goes from warm colours in the foreground to cold in the sky - which I like a lot and I think it gives depth.




As planned, I wanted to see if I could also get any photos at Crackington Haven. My satnav suggested a couple of routes and I picked the coastal road. I never would've expected such sketchy bends and steep hills (good fun but not for the faint hearted). I didn't expect such an interesting beach either. Unfortunately, I was pretty much just exploring a sea of rock that wasn't the most attractive. I didn't have a lot to shoot but this probably wouldn't have been the case if the sea was higher.




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