Boobies Bay, Cornwall, UK

April 29, 2015

I originally intended to photograph at Treyarnon Bay tonight but wasn't quite happy with anything I saw. I decided to walk the short coastal path round to Constantine Bay to see what I could find there. Luckily, I gave myself about half an hour to find a spot I was happy with before the sun was supposed to set. However, most of this time was spent walking the long stretch of beach to the well hidden Boobies Bay. I would consider Boobies Bay to be more of a local's beach (or at least a beach for the more adventurous). I knew of the shipwreck remains that this beach was home to but didn't actually know exactly where to find it. I also didn't know whether the wreck would be covered by the tide or whether it would make for a good photo. Fortunately, the wreck was pretty easy to find, the tide was almost at its lowest point and it's not hard to make a cool photo when you have such a cool subject!


Other than breaking my tripod on the long walk back to my car, I was really happy with how this shoot went. Although the lines in the boat don't really lead you anywhere special, I think it's an awesome foreground. I also really like the colours and I like the gradient from warm colours to cold colours throughout the photo. I had an exposure of about a minute to smoothen the water because the boat filled a lot of the frame with rough textures.


For those that are interested...

The remains of the boat were uncovered thanks to the storms at the start of 2014. The 60ft boat (named the SV Carl) sank during the First World War. The German boat was docked in Cardiff as the First World War began in 1914. In 1917, the boat was towed by the Royal Navy to London. However, in stormy weather, it "went aground". The naval boat attempted to refloat it but the Carl couldn't be salvaged from the reef.




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