Mother Ivey's Bay, Cornwall, UK

April 20, 2015

I decided it was time I re-visited the location of one of my favourite landscape photos - Mother Ivey's Bay, North Cornwall.


For about a week or so, we have had beautiful colours and amazing sunsets. The tide was going to be at a good height so I drove to the location with about half an hour to park and set up. This beach is a bit out of the way and hard to find so parking isn't great. 

I arrived at the beach and in front of me was fairly big, crashing waves and untouched sand. In terms of foreground interest, there wasn't much. I played with different compositions, giving me lots to chose from when I finished and got back to the computer. The beach has a pretty big incline, so wherever I positioned my camera, the sea took up a large section in the frame and I didn't really like this. I think this shot works because I got my tripod as low as I could. I used a shutter speed of about a second so I could capture the movement of the waves and create lines in the foreground. 


I spent quite a lot of time editing this photo and trying to get the most out of the file. This is because the variable ND filter I was using created a strange vignette. But I eventually got the exposure and colours just right - giving me the mood and look I wanted. You learn from these things and I will be able to get it right in camera next time.




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