2 Feb 2017

Arriving In Phuket

After quite a comfortable boat journey from Koh Phangan, Harmony and I arrived at Phuket's main port....

20 Jan 2017

First Impressions

Koh Phi Phi was a bit of a problem for Harmony and I. It was a beautiful island with stunning scenery,...

18 Jan 2017

First Impressions

When Harmony and I first arrived in Krabi, we weren't sure whether we'd like it or not. We certainly di...

13 Jan 2017

After a stormy week in Koh Samui and limited touristic things to do, Harmony and I were really excited for a change in s...

9 Jan 2017

The next stop on our Thai island adventure was Koh Samui - a backpacker’s favourite for its beaches, boat trips and wate...

2 Jan 2017

From Bangkok, Koh Tao is a 15 hour journey away. Harmony and I were travelling with a company called Lomprayah, who's of...

22 Dec 2016

The north of Thailand is a place that a lot of backpackers seem to speak very highly about. You have Chiang Mai, Chiang...

17 Dec 2016

There are many options when it comes to getting to Chiang Mai. From Bangkok, you can either get a plane, train or bus an...

15 Dec 2016

I don't think I have ever heard a bad thing about Bangkok, but it still seems to emit ideas of total chaos and overwhelm...

13 Dec 2016

It was the night before Harmony and I left for Bangkok. We were becoming anxious whilst going through the usual steps of...

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